Digital Printing

Stunning clarity combined with the ability to faithfully reproduce any image on to uneven natural slate & wooden surfaces opens up significant possibilites, and all without extra production time or dramatic cost increases. Not simply for full colour images, we can now offer unlimited different
colours in different positions for less than the cost of a 3 colour screen print!

How does it work?

Where screen printing is done one colour at a time, still by hand, our digital printing process is able to print on a multitude of surfaces in much the same way your home colour printer does, however the inks themselves dry very quickly when exposed to UV light, which enables us to layer colours one after another, without having to wait for the first colour to dry befrore printing the next. In addition to this it is able to print a layer of white on to a surface before the desired image, meaning that the finished product is representative of the colours in the design, and not affected by the colour of the material it has been printed on. Finally, it prints a final layer of clear lacquer to provide a protective coating to ensure the print maintains its quality for many years to come.

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